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REALITY: Traditional Business Ownership

Some people opt for the big dreambuilding their own business where they are the boss and they call the shots.
It’s an exciting idea, isn’t it?

Here’s the reality for most people:

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Before I met these people, I used to think $5K was a lot! I fxcking love this family! #association #thinkbig

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What the hell just happened?

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Well shit, I was a cross-eyes baby. #TBT #cousin

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#OOTD #latepost #novazziphotoart

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One of the most galvanizing events I have EVER been to! I mean, this entire DAY has just been a huge awakening. Let’s be real though. I’ve been to dozens and dozens and dozens of events all throughout my life on leadership, success and personal development so after learning everything these many times, you’d think I’d get it by now. & shit, I thought I did too! I’ll admit, I’ve unequivocally had those days where I have been so full of ego and blah blah blah. Hey, I am only human… But today, something hit me. Idk what the hell it was, but it was something. Maybe it’s because I am in a point in my life where I’m thinking, “Lisa! WAKE. THE. FUCK. UP.” I have the privilege and opportunity to not only change my life but change others as well! I HAVE huge dreams. Dreams (or should I say Visions) that people think are crazy, unattainable, stupid, etc. But seriously IDGAF anymore, no more excuses or delays. I am NOT settling for average. So today, I have ALREADY started the run for mine & my family’s lives! A serious run, or more like a sprint towards not only freedom for myself, but for others too! I will definitely pass some haters on the sidelines, you know, those dream stealers who constantly complain about their lives yet continue to not do anything about it. & I’ll also pass by more sprinters, those who actually want a change and want to live a life where they have control and the freedom to accomplish their dreams. I just have to remember that it’s not going to be easy, but it’s not going to be hard. It is what is it. So if anyone out there wants to run with me, private message me now before I pass the finish line. #itson #likegenghiskhan

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Oh, you didn’t know? I’m going to be in the new Captain America!

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